Who is it that you say I am?

When I invite my friend over to hang out and talk, I generally get excited to have our favorite drink and snack ready so we can cozy up and talk. When I invite a friend over, it’s not just to talk about the weather. I want us to be transparent with one another in hopes that we might leave our meeting feeling like God has enlightened us and encouraged us in some way. Quality over quantity.

Abbie does that with her guest post today. I invited her over to talk with me about motherhood and faith and she opens up, letting God minister through her. I first met Abbie when I started my own Instagram account. I came across her profile and then we both ended up in the same blogging group. Abbie has the gift of making you feel welcome as you are in the world of social media, and while she’s sharing her heart about hard stuff, she’s quick to make you chuckle with the tears at time,s all the while bringing you back to the Truth. I am beyond thrilled to have her voice here today and hope that it brings you as much encouragement as it does me. Be sure to check out her blog for more of her writing.

Do you struggle with your faith sometimes as a Mom? Do you let the world tell you what your worth is? Who is it that you say I am?

Who are you?

Nothing like starting with some giant existential questions.

When I think of who I am, I start listing my labels: Mother, Parent, Daughter, Friend, Wife, Christian, Teacher, Runner. I like these titles. I’m proud of them. I’m blessed by them. In fact, those of us with the label ‘mother’ get a special day coming up and it’s nice to feel celebrated, but the rest of the time we tend to fly under the radar.

This year, I’m full-time at home in this season in a new city, and I’m flying waaayyyyy under the radar, like leggings-every-day-under-the-radar. Before Christmas, we had family pictures taken and I thought, “This is my moment. I’m going to wear pants that zip so no one will realize that I have spent one calendar year in yoga pants.”

Happening into two years of being a stay-at-home mom has been a pivotal shift for me. I didn’t exactly choose it and while I know how fortunate I am to have this time with my girls, sometimes I’m guilty of being defined by what I do in these small, patterned days (maybe ‘confined by’ is a closer to the truth). In the microcosm of mothering toddlers, I’m not quite certain of what space I hold in the wider world around me or even what that should look like in the day-to-day routines at home. I find myself off-balance and hesitant where I would have been brash and confident five years ago.

Maybe you’re coming up to Mother’s Day with both arms open, singing “Bring mama all the goodies! I’m ready for the adulation!” or maybe you’re like me, excited for a little validation but worried that deep down, you’re not quite measuring up. In your secret thoughts, is your identity a tally list of failures?

It’s not at all about who I say I am or even who the people around me say I am. It’s about who Jesus declares me to be.

Anyone else need that reminder or am I the only one?

If you are in Christ, then your identity is already secure, whether you’re struggling with or nailing your roles today. My feelings are indicators of what’s happening around me, but my every day relationship with Jesus, through God’s word and through prayer are the only way to live in the ongoing, non-changing indwelling of His truth. So in a way, it doesn’t really matter whether I position myself as a domestic engineer or a rocket scientist, my identity is safe with Jesus. This God who tells us His strength is found in our weakness and that our quietest unseen moments are infinitely more valuable that external validation, HE alone tells me who I am.

And He says that I am forgiven.

He says that I have access to his strength.

He says that He’s already faced my struggles and has conquered them.

He says that I am without shame and radiant.

He says that I have a purpose.

And maybe most importantly, fellow moms, he says that I am His child.

As moms, we know what that means. It means grace, it means instruction and correction but most of all, it means unconditional love. Remembering the truth of who I am reminds me of who my children ultimately belong to as well. It shifts the focus off my abilities, success or failures and back onto Christ.

So this year, I’ll take all the chocolate and hugs on Mother’s Day because I know who I am and, as I care for my kids in this season of small, that is making all the difference.


Abbie’s a child of God saved by His grace. She’s also a wife, mama and high school French and English teacher. In this season at home with her two littles, she’s blogging about faith, fails and mom life from Saskatoon, Canada. She tries to find the humor amid the Huggies and wisdom in the whining, but so far hasn’t developed any love for the laundry. Join in the fun and discover an honest and encouraging community of mamas at her blog http://www.grumblinggrace.com/ and on Facebook

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