Universal Crib Wedge Review


We used a Universal Crib Wedge when we transitioned Asher from the RockNPlay to his crib. I was wary of how he would transition from such an elevated angle to a flat crib. If you are struggling to transition your baby from the Rock n’ Play, then you might want to consider this wedge ladies.

Here is the basic description of the product, courtesy of Amazon.

About the Product
  • Great for toddlers in cribs or transitional beds
  • Easy-to-clean waterproof cover. Fits most cribs
  • Non-skid bottom keeps wedge securely in place under crib sheets.
  • Gently elevates the baby’s head and torso
  • Reduces nasal congestion caused by colds and flu as well as discomfort caused by acid reflux by gently raising the baby’s head to optimum height

PROS to using this wedge:
*Elevation is slight enough that if your baby is little and not too wiggly, this incline will keep them from rolling all over.
*Bubby is a spitter, so having the waterproof cover was nice.
*I felt like it was just soft enough 🙂
*Fits perfectly in crib under sheet. We did not have any fitting issues.
*May help if your baby has reflux. I am part of a mom’s group on Facebook and a lot of those moms felt like it helped their little one A LOT.
*Could use again for subsequent children too.

CONS to using this wedge:
*Price–I might be stingy, but I felt like $24.99 was a little pricey for my liking. Making it $19.99 would make it seem more reasonable. I know, picky, I am. BUT peace of mind sometimes is more important and in the end, I guess it’s $5, but still! In my mind, that’s something!
*Once your baby becomes more wiggly, he will most likely roll or slide his way off. This eventually happened with Asher.
*This is yet another product you may have to transition your baby from…
*I would guess the lifespan of using this may vary form baby to baby. Some might use this for quite some time. If you’re little one is like ours, then it may only get used for a few weeks. But hey, babies supposedly sleep alot, so there’s that. You might get more use out of it then you realize.

For my peace of mind, I was happy to use this wedge when we transitioned Bubby from the Rock n’ Play.

Happy Trails!



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