Empty Grief

I forgot to call upon Your name. I couldn’t see out of this bottomless pit. My grief felt empty. I felt alone. Blind. Numb. Empty. I couldn’t see out of this bottomless pit. Missing you more than I ever thought possible. Blind.…

Whispers While Washing Dishes

My hands plunge deep. Gurgling foamy water covers me. This is the story of my life. Emotions wrought and drain away as the water empties from the sink. Why can’t I hear You above all the noise? I lose focus. The world yanks at me. Pulling…
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I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom and I wear leggings every day

Wahh. Wahh. No time to pee. No time to eat. Must. Get. Up. Must. Feed. Asher. Good morning. The sweetest face. Ever. Big smile. Raspberry kisses. Crusty hand from sucking all night. Hmm. Crusty mattress. Spit up? My night gown is damp.…