Dirty toes and sticky fingers

These past couple of weeks have felt different. I have found myself waking up with an excitement that I haven’t had in a while. An excitement that whispered “I get to wake up Bubby this morning. I get to read with him this morning. I get to snuggle with Sissy this morning. I get to feed her.”

See it’s the get to that’s changed me. It’s not a have to. It’s a get to.

Taking photos these past couple weeks has kept that get to on the forefront of my heart. And it’s aroma has been oh so sweet.

To learn more about this series, read my introduction here.

This means all the photos for this post are mainly of Bubby. Seeing the day to day with him with a different set of lens has been wholesome and endearing.

Recently it’s all been about sticky fingers and dirty feet. We’re in full swing kicking off summer around here. And jumping. Lots of jumping. And the red wagon. Every where we go we GET to take the wagon with us. See what I did there? 😉

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Enjoy the little things. Really really do it.















Can taking pictures with my phone bring gratitude?

I seriously tend to cringe when I hear about “themed” days for bloggers. I think part of it is because I always struggled finding one I liked and could stick with. And honestly, I’m not even sure “Thankful Thursdays” is a thing but it’s going to be my thing.

I got the idea from Ann Voskamp actually. In her book One Thousand Gifts, she talks about how taking everyday, mundane, nothing new photos changed her perspective on gratitude and opened her eyes to all she had to be grateful for.

Sister turned two months. Oh those toes.

It’s not about sharing it on social media all the time (though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but it’s about perspective and focus in my day to day.

I’m not saying every moment needs to be remembered with a photo because I’m a strong believer in being present in the moment. But I also believe that contentment starts with gratitude and my daily attitude can change with being thankful more often.

Plus, I felt the Lord laying this on my heart for my own benefit. Who knows if anyone will be paying attention as this doesn’t seem like a post series that will grab a lot of attention but it’s really about me.

Writing and taking photos just for me.

Speaking of toes, here’s Bubby’s toes at 10 months. Oh my heart.

I wont be doing it every Thursday. I don’t know how many photos will be in each post. I don’t know how long I’ll do it for.

I do know this is a small journey God has called me to and maybe it will encourage someone along the way to open their eyes to the daily mundane that reminds us of what we have and the contentment that only comes from the Lord.

I have some photos for the introduction because I started taking them daily a month ago.

Part of our daily ritual is snack time at Bubby’s table. That photo in the background was from my mom to my husband a few years back. It hung in our kitchen growing up.


Because cooking with Mama is the best.


My mother’s mother, aunt, and grandma grew peonies. They had a big section that was essentially a peony field. I always think of them when I see or smell peonies.


The past, present and future all in one.

We’ll see you next time folks.