Why We Decided to Trick or Treat


Last year I wrote a post about To Trick or Treat or Not To Trick or Treat? and this post generated a lot of positive discussion from friends whose opinions I think are valuable. I had many comments on Facebook from parents who had differing views about Halloween and how to handle trick or treating.

Why We Decided to Trick or Treat. NOt sure if you should trick or treat? Read for more insight.

For some of you readers, this may not seem like a problem at all. But for someone like me who grew up in a home that did not condone being scared as a fun activity, you enter into this time of year with some caution. I am not one who messes around with fear. I think the Bible is pretty clear that the spirit of fear does not come from the Lord and it’s something we should be on guard against. I do not want to take Halloween lightly. I think it’s a time of year that can release a lot of darkness and negativity and honestly, sin in the world. Some people can breeze through this time of year without a care and stroll through a haunted house without giving it a second thought. I am not one of those people and I don’t plan to raise my son as one of those people either. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against folks who can go through the Edgar Allan Poe Haunted house. If anything, I would like to join my friends who can go out for a night of haunted houses. But I also wont take my son to a haunted house someday pushing him down the hallway because it’s supposed to be “fun to be scared.”

The problem for me is that once I open that door, fear kicks it wide open.

So how am I going to handle this topic as I raise my little family?


After much consideration and prayer, and after reading lots of positive responses from some of my friends, I have decided to take a completely positive view on Halloween. I love traditions. I love making family traditions. Why not make Halloween a positive family tradition? There can be many positive family memories made from creating costumes for trick or treating. Much laughter and joy can come from making homemade candy. Not all decorations need to be gross bones and blood. Plus, there’s always the perk of putting up orange christmas lights lights that can last through Thanksgiving. 🙂 That sounds like a win win to me.

I don’t plan on going into this time of year with a blindfold on either. Just because I choose to glean positive from Halloween, doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to the the reality of evil that abounds this time of year. As my children grow older, I’ll be sure to use the right opportunities to teach them that fear doesn’t come from God. That demons and evil are real and not to be made light of because there is a goofy ghost poster at WalMart. I will teach them that prayer is powerful and our lifeline to fight against the Enemy.

So this year we’re taking Bubby trick or treating. He’s currently into watching Curious George on TV. Carter’s must have read my mind because their monkey costume was on sale. Cha Ching!

If I can just convince Husband to dress up as the Professor in his yellow suit with that yellow hat…

What about you? How do you handle Halloween? Is it something you had to wrestle with?