Gratitude, Struggling Faith

Keep My Eyes to Serve, My Hands to Learn

Keep the earth below my feet For all my sweat, my blood runs weak Let me learn from where I have been Keep my eyes to serve and my hands to learn Keep my eyes to serve and my hands to learn”                 -Mumford and Sons “Below My Feet” Rolling over in bed, my eyes squinting open, I can see it’s still dark out. I inhale my husband’s soapy, snuggly morning...
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People Are Awesome

People Are Awesome #tacobell

This guy had been with Taco Bell for about two years. He worked on the line making the food, moved to the window and eventually became a shift manager. His small frame, tattoos, and what I would guess piercings, made him the stereotypical "punk." Except he was about thirty years old and I don't know about you, but as an 8th grade teacher, I have a hard time calling a grown man "punk." I tend...
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Enjoy the Little Things: Bubby’s Almost 8 Months!

He laughs pretty much every time I toot. We're almost 8 months old. Yikes. He laughs when he drops things. Repeatedly. On purpose. Splashing is a good thing in the tub. Naps are craptastic right now. I never knew someone could be so impatient when eating peas. Clinginess comes in spurts. Sometimes it's like a tidal wave. I want to just eat up his hands. So sweet. I wish...
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