What I’m into right now: Silicone, MMD, 13 Reasons and Tim Ferriss #fiveonfriday

I feel like when I get together with other wives and moms our conversations usually entail things we’re really into at the moment. You know, “Oh, I just found this great flourless recipe for chocolate banana bread” or I am so in love with The Betty Rocker and her awesome workout moves.” Whatever it is, we like to talk and we like to talk about what we love and share it with others. Who knows? They may find it as awesome as we do!

So here’s what I’m currently into right now. And if you identify with any of this. give me a holler!

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I’m currently reading The Power of a Praying Wife and Igniting Faith in 40 Days. I read Igniting Faith back in November but am reading it again with a group from my church. It was incredibly powerful in marriage for me and now I’m finding it speaking to my heart about fears I have over my children. Correction-HAD over my children. If you’re looking to bolster your prayer life and renew what it means to really have hope, then I highly recommend these two books!

I love Modern Mrs. Darcy. If you don’t know much about her, you should check out her fantastic site. She has thousands and thousands and thousands of awesome fans who are literature lovers. I just signed up for her summer reading guide and I plan to read 5 books this summer. Head over to her site to see all the literature goodness I’m talking about.


If you followed me in my previous recent writing endeavors over at Only a Season, then you know I have a serious love affair with silicone in my kitchen. I talked about these cooking sheets alllll time. My current kitchen lifesaver are these awesome silicone popsicle dealios. I make a big blender full of yogurt smoothie for Bubby, fill up all these popsicles and pull them out of the freezer for an easy peasy snack. Lifesaver while having a newborn to care for too. You’re welcome. 😉


OK, right now I am trying to get through 13 Reasons Why. I remember reading this book back when I was teaching and now as I watch it on Netflix, I don’t remember it being so graphic. And all the swearing?!!? I know I’m late to the 13 Reasons train but I’m riding it now and I’m ready for it to be over.

On a lighter note, I’m excited one of my guilty pleasures started up again: The Bachelorette. It’s one of those shows that allows me to turn my brain off and just be entertained. Raise your hand if you’re a secret (or open) lover of The Bachelorette/The Bachelor!


I’m currently loving this writer’s podcast called Hope*Writers. It’s fantastic for all things writing related and incredibly encouraging with a faith-based message. The hosts are sisters Emily P. Freeman (Simply Tuesday), Myquillyn Smith (The Nesting Place), their dad, Gary Morland, and the awesome marketing guru, Brian Dixon. Their quirky personalities and experience make for a fun podcast!

Another podcast I’ve started listening to is The Tim Ferriss Show. He is constantly learning and exploring all things related to improving your mental, personal and physical skills/abilities. He tries new things, interviews crazy cool people and will share science behind the newest trends and ideas. Like one of his recent podcasts is an interview with the founder of Nike to talk about speed and the athletes he’s trained while another episode is Tim interviewing Murray Carter who is a Canadian craftsman who fell into Yoshimoto bladesmith as a teenager and is now the only Caucasian to take part in the Sakemoto family tradition.


That’s all I’ve got for now friends! Now tell me what is something you can’t live without in your kitchen? What are you currently reading? And let me know if you like The Bachelorette! Us chicas gotta stick together! 😉

See you at the next Friday Favorites! #fridayfavorites