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When I Realized I Was Teaching my Son to be Sexist

Twelve years old, I was riding my bike down our neighborhood hill as fast as I could. I remember beating my neighbor friend to the bottom of the hill and enjoying the thrill of winning against him. He was one of the “wild” kids in our little tribe and my girlfriends and I never really went over to his house to play. Unless he asked us to jump on the trampoline.

But he hated to lose and...

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A Day in the Life of a 10 Month Old

I think someone once said curiosity killed the cat. Really, we should say curiosity made the baby cry. That's what life is like right now with this guy. Curiosity out the wazoo while crying because when we were curious about that pretty green light on our Roomba vacuum and pushed it while mama wasn't looking, we cried and freaked out. Now, we can't even crawl by the darn thing. So, we take the...

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Holy Buckets. Bubby is Nine months old! Ahh!

Crawling? Check.

Teeth? Double Check. Four at one time, on the top. Thank you. Drool everywhere.

Grabbing everything? Check. And check. And check some more. Goodbye earrings I never wore.

Eating? YES. Breast, formula whatever is best before one, but this boy CAN EAT. I'm not sure why we're still nursing to be honest. Oh yah, doc's orders.

Must add a note that pooping has increased...

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Enjoy the Little Things: Bubby’s Almost 8 Months!

He laughs pretty much every time I toot.

We're almost 8 months old. Yikes.

He laughs when he drops things. Repeatedly. On purpose.

Splashing is a good thing in the tub.

Naps are craptastic right now.

I never knew someone could be so impatient when eating peas.

Clinginess comes in spurts. Sometimes it's like a tidal wave.

I want to just eat up his hands. So sweet.

I wish...

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