Supper Sundays: Spinach Gnocchi

I was really excited about this recipe! I love anything Italian!! Gnocchi is an Italian dish and I was excited for Lisa to post this recipe to her website.

For our dinner we had a big salad, the gnocchi and some of Lisa’s cheddar and garlic drop biscuits.
I love making a quadruple batch of her cheddar garlic biscuits and then freezing them. They are so easy to get out of the freezer real quick before dinner and warm them up in the microwave!

Spinach Gnocchi an Italian dish that everyone should try!

Here are Lisa’s ingredients (click here for her entire recipe):
1-10 ounce bag of frozen spinach (I used fresh spinach and eyeballed what I thought would be enough)
1 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese, whole milk. (I just bought the smallest container they had and used it all, so 10 oz)
3/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese
1 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour
1 egg
Salt and pepper to taste
Special tools needed: food processor

The steps are pretty easy: put it all in a food processor and go for it! BUT if you don’t have a food processor…
I tried this with just handheld beaters to see how it would play out for our readers who don’t have one. I went for a long time without a food processor (although now that we have one, I LOVE IT!).

If you know how to use your beaters, you can figure out ways to handle big batches of ingredients that require using a good amount of flour. Now, since I “eyeballed” my spinach, and was not exact in my measurements of ricotta cheese, mine may have turned out doughier than how hers turned out.

I found that I ended up using almost 2 whole cups of flour, instead of the 1 1/4 cups to get the goop to not stick to my fingers anymore so I could handle it to make the shapes needed to cook the stuff. I was afraid adding more flour would hinder the taste, so I kept tasting it throughout and found that it everything seemed to be in good order.

Once you get it all mixed to a non-sticky texture, you want to make it into a log so you can cut it up into cubes to drop in a boiling pan of water.
This is where a silicone mat would come in reeeeal handy so your “dough” doesn’t stick to everything. If you don’t have any, you’ll definitely want to use a floured surface. In fact, if you find your mixture is still “sticky” to the touch, you might try putting it on your floured surface and add more that way.

(The more I started making this recipe, the more I just started using two spoons to scoop out “blobs” to drop into the boiling water. Works like a charm for me 🙂 )

My logs weren’t very pretty 🙂 Neither is this picture….

As you can see, I got about 25 dough balls from my logs. If you have a family of four, I would guess this would last you for the one meal. I wouldn’t expect leftovers. We are big leftover people. I like having them for lunch in the week.

Next you’ll want to drop them into a big pan of boiling water. Once they all start floating towards the top, you know they are done.


So what do you serve with your gnocchi? Whatever you want! I believe it’s popular to serve it with a tomato-based sauce. I had a pan of sauce warming on the stove while they were boiling. I also warmed up the garlic drops and put our salad together. What I love about recipes like this is that Bubby can join in. He loved the gnocchi!


Have you ever made gnocchi before? Any other Italian dishes you think we should try? I am always looking for wholesome cooking suggestions!


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