What this summer taught me about my marriage 2017

1 | My husband takes me for granted sometimes.

And then I sit and list all the ways he takes me for granted and try to get all mad about it. And wouldn’t you know, I take him for granted too. But then there’s Grace. Thank God for Grace. Being exhausted with a new baby and an energetic toddler can help you forget that it goes both ways sometimes. Whew, it was a crazy fast summer, let me tall yah.


2 | “Opposites attract” is incredibly true and incredibly frustrating.

I started to see how we move about in our daily lives with an ebb and flow that is quite powerful if you stop and watch. He steps in when I step out. I pull when he lets go. Normally we balance each other but there are times when the scales tip one way over the way. And that’s OK. When that happens we tend to have an explosive fight that brings us back to who we are and why we’re together: to serve a picture that is bigger than ourselves. To be parents to our children. To love on those around us through our marriage. It’s good. Really good. And hard. Really hard.


3 | Having hobbies is a huge relief.

I am learning more and more that hobbies really are life-giving. And if your husband/wife doesn’t have an outlet then things can get stuffy in the marriage department. And by stuffy I mean when you feel stuffed to the gills with all the adulting you have to do every day that when an opportunity comes for you to GET TO DO what you want instead of have to you take it. Then you come back to your relationship with a little extra umph and rejuvenation. We started giving each other time every other week to do whatever the heck we want for a couple hours. LIFE-GIVING.


4 | Having children brings out an entirely new side of romance in your marriage.

I know, nothing new when you hear this one. But seriously, wanna take romance to the next level? I mean like–going to the grocery store becomes a flirtatious game when you see who can pinch the other’s butt the most without getting caught while the kids ride in the basket– next level? Don’t get me wrong, all the normal stereotypical romance stuff is still great to do when we can but sometimes a butt pinch does the trick.


5 | The Solar Eclipse was a bigger deal than I realized.

My husband spear-headed us driving to Troy, KS to see the eclipse. I was sort of shoulder shrug about it all, but his excitement was catching. We had some bickering leading up to the event: I mean we were leaving both kids with a sitter for the first time and we were caravaning up with some other family members. So yah, you can see how all that could be stressful. But my word, it was the most amazing thing I’ve experienced in quite some time and it was pretty special to experience it with him. (Pic above marked the occasion for us!


6 | Tragedies really can bring you closer if you choose to let it.

From horrific shootings, hurricanes, and much more, I have seen a different side of my husband than before. We’ve taken moments to talk about these things with each other and share our fears and questions that come with these kinds of national tragedies. We’ve come together to talk about helping others and what it looks like to to be the change our world needs right inside the walls of our home.


I know, I know. I have SIX on my list. So unbalanced. But they were all needed so it is what it is.

This series is part of the “What We Learned” link up with Emily P. Freeman. Click over to read her list and what other writers are sharing about summer 2017.


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