Why I Quit Rolling my Eyes at My Husband’s Sports Obsession

The NFL theme song echoes up from our basement, signaling the start of the game. My husband has his traditional caffeinated beverage (usually Mt. Dew, but sometimes it’s this tea he makes that is his grandmother’s recipe) and he sits in his chair, eyes wide, anticipating the kick off.

I am upstairs, rolling my eyes because I know what’s coming next. Passionate hollering at the TV, disputes with the refs about an unbelievable call, a frenzy when the defense doesn’t line up fast enough, and the mocking cries when his team scores.

I roll my eyes because I used to see this as a huge annoyance. My husband and his passion for the Kansas City Chiefs. I never took his love for the Chiefs too seriously. I’d shrug my shoulders when they would lose, shake my head when he’d yell at their loss, or better yet, just leave the room when I couldn’t handle all the emotion oozing from him during the longest four quarters of my life.

I never understood my husband’s passion for his favorite team…until I started writing.

There is something about “hobbies” that can bring a person to life. It’s the chance to be just you and fully express these emotions you have that you don’t get to regularly express. I could say that running is right up there for me as an outlet too, but writing is my home away from home. Snuggling up with a cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning and my journal in my lap brings me a sense of identity, especially as it draws me closer to Christ.

For my husband, that expression of emotions that he doesn’t get to express too regularly comes from watching football. The rough, intense commitment it takes for players to get out there and do what they do calls to my husband. That call falls deaf on my ears but it is something I regretfully admit, took me 10 years to understand the language it speaks to my husband.

Learning to accept my husband's love for sports. Resolving marriage conflict and seeing positive in my husband's love for sports.

I tended to focus on the negative and annoyances I would get out of it. Hence the aforementioned eye rolling, but once I started looking past those emotions of my own, I started see something that I hadn’t before.

My husband is intensely loyal.

I’m not gonna lie, that loyalty sometimes needs a balance, like we still go to church for things even if they are playing BUT we have the capability to record and by God that recording better be set correctly.

He is a loyal fan. He has always supported his team, even when they have gone through losing streaks. I think there is something to be said for that kind of dedication, especially when your team has gone through a 12 game losing streak. Apparently, that’s pretty sucky in the NFL.

With that being said, those character traits of passion and commitment carry over into other areas of his life that I failed to acknowledge because of my own annoyed self.

He has always been loyal to me and now that we have a family, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him work as hard as he has to make sure we can continue with our life choice for me to be a stay at home  mom. He has a sense of commitment to the people he works with and managing them in a way that reflects God’s love and guidance.

I see his passion play out as he connects with our son when he is home in the evenings. Those little memories of his special bath time with our son will always be etched on my heart. He has loyally given that time to me in the evenings as a reprieve from the long days at home.

So if he needs to yell or make sure that we’ve got the DVR set or we say no every so often to eating out with friends, then so be it. He has hardly ever complained about me and my hobbies and passions as I have about his, that’s for sure.

I’m not gonna lie though. I still tease him about what seems like the dumbest idea to me–grown men putting on padding just so they can go out there and hit each other about as hard as they can–but you know, it’s the small things people. And if football is what God wants to use to show me some character traits He gave my husband, then who am I to overlook that?




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  1. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    omy gosh. this speaks to me. My son AND my husband football fans ..every Sunday for the season got too much for me! It’s okay to turn the loyalty back to us too sometimes..but yes, I get it..we have our passions, too..thankfully, I grew up with brothers and football was on every Sunday, so it isn’t so foreign..AND actually I went downstairs to watch a few of the games with my husband and son and actually jumped up and down with them sometimes..geez!

  2. Erika
    Erika says:

    I loved this! And I hear you on this one! My hubs is waaaay into football too and I only like one team-the Seahawks. So I love watching those games with him but all the others? No thank you! When he tunes in to the NFL I grab my chromebook and write, too. Loved your awesome perspective!

  3. Veronica Anne
    Veronica Anne says:

    Wow, what a great perspective shift! We don’t have this with sports, but there are definitely other hobbies that my husband has that I sometimes get annoyed with. But I was so convicted when you talked about writing! My hubby has supported me 100% since I started my blog! I owe him the same kind of support! Thanks for this!

  4. Saleama
    Saleama says:

    This is a great topic that I pray many women will read. My husband is a football coach and I have, at times, allowed it bother me because of the commitment it takes for the better half of the year. But he thrives as a coach. He mentors young men to know God. And yes, he loves to watch it at home. That’s okay. He’s happy. And works hard for our family. Very nice.


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