It’s OK to feel stuck in your marriage. Feeling stuck means you have room to grow. Settle down and look around; you’ll see you’re not alone.

You’ll see opportunities to find grace in your marriage.

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“Gloryanna has a unique voice that combines encouragement with exhortation and that priceless “me too!” moment. Her writing has helped me feel less alone in my day-to-day marriage struggles, and I’m grateful for her spiritual insight.”

Emilywriter at

“One of the things I love most about Gloryanna is that her words speak so much truth and is so encouraging. Marriage may not be easy, yet she has a way of getting you to look past your situation, circumstance, or your husband and look to God. Showing us that by growing closer to God we are
also growing close to our husbands and strengthening our marriages.”

Ayannablogger at
“Gloryanna writes honestly and hopefully about marriage in the midst of challenging seasons, especially in the very real struggle of parenting young children. Her eyes are always on Christ, and I have learned so much from her perspective on putting marriage first in both big and small ways. I’m grateful for her wisdom and the beautiful way in which she shares it!”
Brittany Bergman
Brittany Bergmanwriter at

“Gloryanna’s writing is Gospel-centered and thought-provoking. I’ve loved reading through her series “When Love Languages Collide” which are so insightful & useful in how I approach my marriage. It’s a series any wife who is struggling to find peace in her marriage should read!”

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