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Sitting at my computer, I exhale in frustration because I just got done reading this great article by one of my blogging friends and I wanted to keep it to share on my social media for a later date. A few clicks later I see one of my friends with a hilarious photo that I would love to keep for another time to give them a shout out later in the week. I am always finding myself coming across all these great people on the Internet and I just want to gobble it all up and tell others about how great they are.

Then there are my own photos that I create that I want to share the next day. Or maybe I would like to share one of my older posts that encourages other blogger moms along the way. I don’t know about you but I get overwhelmed by all this. I get overwhelmed when they say you need to post to Facebook at least three times a day and try to post on Twitter, you  know, like every two minutes. Don’t even ask me about Bloglovin’ or StumbleUpon. I can barely catch my breath on them.

What I do know is that I needed something that I could have on hand to easily share my content and the content of others. I wanted something that I could easily schedule posts so I could leave my phone on my bedside in the mornings while I eat pancakes with my little guy. Something that would share my favorite recipe on Sundays to help other moms start their week. Oh, and something FREE.

I found Buffer. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s perfect for my blogging needs. And for the record. I am just sharing this because I want to. Buffer doesn’t even know I exist, so there’s no bias here. OK, I guess they might since I have an account with them, but yah know.

Let me quickly tell you a few features of Buffer that I love:

1) You can sign up with one of your social media accounts or sign up with an email address.
2) They have the most popular accounts you can link to for publication (Twitter, Facebook (page or personal), Google Plus, and Linkedin. They also have a Pinterest option but that is not part of the free stuff.
3) They have an app for your phone and an extension for your web browser.
4) They provide you easy analytics to see how your posts perform during what times of day, etc.

Number three is MY FAVORITE because this is where I need help the most.

When I am reading someone else’s great article that I want to share, or if I want to easily share one of my own at a later time, the extension button in the bookmark bar is AWESOME. It’s easy to add and looks like this when you add it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.37.04 PM

When you click this button, a nice little pop up window appears and you can type whatever you want about the article, pick what account you want to “buffer” it to and share it right away, or MY FAV feature, set it to publish at another time. What’s great too is if you need to tag someone in the post, you can easily do this from within the extension. Just start typing their name beginning with “@” just like you would normally do.

I also love how the Buffer icon hoovers over any image on a web page in the browser where the Buffer extension is installed. Example is pictured below. I have the Pinterest extension in my browser and it is awesome having this with buffer too!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.05.19 PM

(Another little secret not pictured, if you click on any selected text from a site, and right click, the buffer icon appears there too.)

Here is a quick shot of the buffer app while you are on your desktop viewing Facebook.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.42.52 PM

So what about those times when I am not at my desktop but on my phone and I want to share one of my own posts later or someone else’s image? Enter the Buffer app. Like the account they offer for desktop, their app is free too! Once you download it, and sign in on your phone, the app immediately walks you through how to add them in your sharing bar when you go to share anything on your phone, from a picture to a website to a tweet to a Facebook post. It is AWESOME. Once you add it to your sharing bar it will look like this when you click on your “share” icon on your phone. I have a photo for my iPhone, but this applies to Android devices too.


So why might this change your world as a blogger?

Obviously it is nice to have a tool that is easy to use that helps you publicize your work.

Why do I love this app?

Because I got my sanity back. I was going nuts always trying to figure out when and how to post all these ideas and articles and pictures that I had stored all over the place, that I finally found a solution to streamline everything.

Have a great post that you want to resurface? Plan to tweet and retweet and Facebook it 30 days from now if you want to! Have a friend blogger whose article you just love and would fit in with your theme of DIY for the holidays? Plan it to post on the weekend.

This app also allows bloggers more time to interact with their readers about their posts, instead of spending tons of time trying to get the content out there. I feel like I have much more time during certain parts of the day (OK, the 10 minutes while my kid picks Cheerios off the floor) to say hello to readers!

Having this easy tool has made life a little simpler for me. I just thought I would do a quick share of my experience for those who are still looking for something that works for them.

When I wake up in the morning, I’m not worried about trying to meet the crowds online because Buffer is doing that for me. I can enjoy those pancakes with my son.

I know as blogs grow, bloggers need a stronger post planner, and maybe some day I will move to that option! What about you? Do you use a post planner app that you couldn’t live without? Is it a free one?




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  1. MamaCentric
    MamaCentric says:

    Firstly, I am honored to be considered one of the great people with content you want to buffer – thank you! Secondly, I am so pumped to check this out! I had not yet heard of it and it sounds like a wonderful tool for managing the overwhelm of social media. Thank you for sharing!

    • Gloryanna
      Gloryanna says:

      Oh yah!! You are most welcome! It is a great tool. I try to sit down twice a week and schedule stuff out. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. 🙂 BUT it is great to use!

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