Why I Made my Blog Instagram a Private Account

He looks at me with the sweetest smile and oatmeal all over. This kid can eat. At 11 months old and baby-led weaning under our belts, this kid likes to stuff his face. And he’s pretty stinkin’ cute when he does it. Many times I find that in these sweet moments, that I would like to take a picture and share with some friends. I am aware that not all moments need to be social mediaized, and there is a time and place for everything.

I find that I am one of those parents that thinks twice before posting family pics online.
I have to ask myself what is my motivation for posting this. Is it for the likes? Is it to just be fun? Is it to form relationships with other moms? I know, that ultimately, whatever you put on the Internet is accessible to anyone in all reality, but I like to think that I have a little bit of control over the privacy of who sees in to my daily life.

So when I take this cute oatmeal-breakfast-face picture of my son and want to post it on Instagram to share with some great women that I’ve met through writing, and remember that I have a public Insta account, I sometimes hold back. What is it about a picture that seems more intimate than a tweet? I know my son can be walking down the road and many people can see him, so what’s the difference? The difference is that I can control my Instagram more than I can control public observation. And I want to be able to share some photographic moments of our everyday life with a blogging friend I have up in Canada for Pete’s Sake. I have another Insta account that is very local to my private life but I like having my blogging friends and I don’t want to mess with always thinking about what to post here or there, so I decided to make my blog Instagram account a private one and not worry about it.


This means that I also decided to unfollow a lot of people because, honestly, Instagram has become a fun outlet and  I don’t need a large platform there anyways for my writing. And the result? I had a lot of folks unfollow me, and that’s OK. We weren’t true to each other anyways.

I started out writing with the mentality of following people I am genuinely interested in and not just because I want to beef up my numbers.

In the end, my blog is a hobby and that’s OK. And that’s a whole other post for another day. 

I know it’s probably blasphemous to say that I have a private Instagram account for my blog, but in the end, having a large number takes me away from the community that I am so enjoying right now. This isn’t some kind of blurb to validate to myself about having a small following. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with building your numbers and having a large following. So much good can come from those two things! I have other social media accounts that I want to build and will over time. Again, that whole blogging as a hobby thing. But pictures of my daily life just seem a little more private to me and I want to keep it that way.why-iblogprivate

It’s hard writing about this and hopefully not making another mom blogger feel judged. I certainly don’t care whether your profile is public or not! Clearly this is not something that rings true for every mom blogger out there. There are many bloggers out there whose family is part of their community and that is OK!! I love those kinds of writers out there and follow some of them!

I just know that for me and where I am at in my writing journey, I don’t need another It Works Wrap Mom DMing me  and spamming my account just to get a response from me (and if you’re a friend of mine who is a Wrap Mama, then you already know how I feel about spamming me and we’re on the up and up!). I just know that I don’t need to have another blogger follow me just to follow me. I don’t need to follow them just to follow them. If I am going to stay authentic to myself, then this is a choice for me.

And what’s even more reassuring about this, is the readers who are loyal to my writing and who are following me because they have a connection with me, they are the ones who will most likely be reading this and commenting anyways. 🙂




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  1. Jen Enoch
    Jen Enoch says:

    Can I just tell you how much I love this?! I’ve been thinking about this alot lately. I feel like the more people I follow the less connected I get. Numbers are the big push for bloggers, but I’m not one to do something because I’m “supposed too”. I have to find my balance and clearly define my goals and direction. Thank you for sharing this, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  2. Lauren B.
    Lauren B. says:

    My account isnt private, but I dont blame you. There is a lot of shady characters out there and you need to be careful with what you post these days. I do a lot of blocking.. ha!

  3. Parul Thakur
    Parul Thakur says:

    You did the right thing. I am not a Mum but a God-mum and when I post those pictures of my little girl on Instagram, I want to be sure who I am sharing with. I don’t such media on twitter and with a private account, I believe it’s safe.

    Stopping by from the Blog Her FB page. Parul from Happiness & Food

  4. MamaCentric
    MamaCentric says:

    Yes!! This is something I am really struggling with right now, as well. When I created my blog’s IG at the start of the year, I told myself that I wouldn’t ever post photos of my children..and then it became that I wouldn’t post photos of their faces…and then that morphed into trying to practice restraint and ONLY post photos of them once a week. Thank you for giving me something to think about. I respect your decision, entirely, and am so thankful that I am one of the lucky ones that has the honor of seeing little vignettes of your life. 🙂

  5. shaunaceyb
    shaunaceyb says:

    This is such a struggle for me too… Sometimes it feels like I’m too far gone, ya know?! And you don’t make me feel judged, it’s great food for thought and something I’m cognizant of already. I love how true to yourself you are, it’s one of the reasons I love you and your blog so very much. So authentic.

  6. ohthatsmomsense
    ohthatsmomsense says:

    Love this! Did not feel judged at all. I think about this all the time. I always think twice before posting something. It’s a tough thing to do because my daughter inspires majority of my pictures and blog posts. You do you, mama. And if another It Works person contacts you trying to be a “friend” but then unfollows you when you decline, they really aren’t a friend at all.

    • Gloryanna
      Gloryanna says:

      Soooo true about ItWorks and anyone else for that matter! I am glad this resonated with you!

  7. Courtney Patterson
    Courtney Patterson says:

    I LOVE this post and it has definitely given me some food for thought regarding my own blog IG account. Sharing on my blog’s Facebook page!

  8. The Joys of Mamahood.
    The Joys of Mamahood. says:

    As a mother who posts photos of her children on a public IG, I read this and didn’t feel like you were judging me. I found myself nodding along as I read because I’ve asked myself some of same questions you mentioned. I say, stay true to what you feel is best for you and your family, it seems like that always works best

  9. Michelle Thevenot (@MTBottlesBlog)
    Michelle Thevenot (@MTBottlesBlog) says:

    I think you made the right choice Gloryanna! I can relate to your struggles of posting family photos on Instagram. I waver over posting any photo with my son because my account is public. I worry about where his image will reach, his safety, his inability to consent to me posting his photos… So I’ve restrained from posting many identifying close-up photos of him which is a shame as he is such a huge part of my life and inspiration for mom-blog content. I’ve considered a private profile too… if only there were an in-between option for setting selective audiences per photo post like on Facebook! Now that I’ve read your blog post, it reminded me it’s time to scour my follow list and whittle it down to who I really want to follow.

    • Gloryanna
      Gloryanna says:

      I think that is a good tip for how to photo our children! I love that idea of an in-between option! I haven’t gone through all my followers but I know I actually blocked some too. It’s a tough line sometimes!

  10. Marisa Ulrich
    Marisa Ulrich says:

    Love this. Truly resonates in my heart. I confess I have worried I am not doing enough by not having Instagram at all. Frankly, this social media stuff can overtake me quick with its pressure to do and be more. Realizing where I need to draw my lines is important to myself, my family, and, most of all, my walk with Christ. I am so glad to find I am not the only one who thinks of this. God bless.

    • Gloryanna
      Gloryanna says:

      Social media is so overwhelming. Honestly, I feel like this decision lifted a weight for me too!

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