I know why God made Autumn

Have you ever heard the advice to find your tribe and love them hard because they are your people and it’s what we do? Lisa embodies and epitomizes this belief. She is a true lover of people and wants nothing more than to see her friends grow and thrive.

And you know what’s even better about Lisa? Her intense love and encouragement transfers to those around her. You can’t help but become your friend’s biggest cheerleader when you see Lisa standing on the sidelines cheering you on. All that to say, I am thrilled to have her words on the blog today.

I asked Lisa to keep the Autumn season in mind as she wrote for us. When I opened my inbox and saw that she was starting her essay as a letter, in the voice of her 7 year-old-self, well, I knew we were in for a treat. She has a knack for revealing deep metaphors in life in the most simplest ways, many times inviting her readers to find the metaphor themselves.

Dear God (as spoken by my 7 year-old self)

My Mama told me that I can thank you a little longer in my prayers tonight because it’s the first day of Autumn and it’s my favorite time of year, and she said you would be happy that I feel this way and that I should tell you why I do

I’ll be right back God cause my Dad made me hot chocolate with marshmallows and I don’t want the marshmallows to melt before I eat them

I’m back God

I did not mind my manners cause I forgot to share my hot chocolate with you but if you are thirsty you can drink all the water in my sippy cup

Hold on please

“Yes, Mama?”



My Mama wants me to speed up a little and talk about Autumn

My Grandma told me that you paint the trees so that the grown-ups will feel gratitude cause sometimes they’re mad at you and they forget how beautiful everything is that you made and how blessed they are that you made them and that’s why my Grandma says you made Autumn to remind them how special life is

I think you made Autumn so that the lady in the crayon building won’t forget the colors of the crayons to make for the children

My teacher asks us to collect leaves and then we trace them and sometimes we glue them on paper for our Thanksgiving project and then we give them to our neighbors who are lonely

So they can get happy again

My favorite color is red like a fire engine except for when the leaf is broken and then my favorite color is yellow only not with the dark lines

When you run out of paint you can come with me and my Dad to Home Depot!

My Grandpa used to throw me in the leaves and then we would throw all the leaves up in the air and then Grandpa would rake new leaves and make a brand new pile

I miss my Grandpa

Mama always yelled at Grandpa for staying outside in the cold and then letting all the leaves stick in my hair

Grandpa never listened to Mama and whispered that he was pretending that he didn’t hear her

I miss my Grandpa

And sometimes when Mama plays with me in the leaf pile she misses Grandpa too

Our neighbor Mrs. Hammer says that Autumn is for your spirit to feel anew

I’m not sure whats that means; maybe it means not old

I know it’s a good thing cause when Mrs. Hammer tells me that she looks up at you in heaven and smiles

And when Autumn starts we carve pumpkins in the backyard and my Dad says we’re lucky to be a family and to have each other

So God I think that’s why you really made Autumn

Cause people feel more lucky and happy and you love when all the people you made feel your goodness

I have to go to sleep now God

So thank you for making Autumn

Pleasant Dreams!


Lisa Leshaw has worked as a mental health professional for the past 31 years. She currently conducts Parenting Skills Workshops, Group Counseling for Blended Families and Empowerment Circles for Women. As a consultant, Lisa travels throughout teaching Communication and Listening Skills, Behavioral Management Techniques and Motivational Strategies.

To de-stress she performs in children’s theatre and plays piano whenever requested. She is hoping to either write the next memorable musical composition or Great American Novel!

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  1. Jodie Utter
    Jodie Utter says:

    Lisa and Gloryanna, I love this collaboration. Fall is my hands down favorite time of the year and I feel God in it so easily. My heart hummed along, Lisa, when you wrote, “My Grandma told me that you paint the trees so that the grown-ups will feel gratitude cause sometimes they’re mad at you and they forget how beautiful everything is.” ~ Thank you.


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