What I’ve Learned from Spring 2017

This spring was full of a lot of new for me. A newborn. A new season of writing. A new understanding of myself.

Here are ten things I’ve learned this spring. The list is in no particular order. Let’s just say it’s an ongoing list… 🙂 I got the idea from Emily P. Freeman as she and other writers are writing about what they’ve learned this spring.

I like being reflective and sometimes it’s good to look back without being super evaluative too. This list is just what I needed.

1| Being Present with a Newborn and Toddler is incredibly hard.

Eleanor has brought a light into our home that feels so complete and right. Having a newborn has forced me to slow down as much as one can with a toddler running around. The transition was hard before she even arrived actually. Saying goodbye to being a parent of one was a challenge for me. BUT I’ve appreciated the quiet moments I get to have with her (rare as they are!) and seriously, these hands. Oh. My. Heart.

2| Facebook Fasting is good for the soul. Or how about Facebook Feasting is hard for the soul.

This is obvious to most of us but Facebook is such a drain for me. I can waste sooooo much time on it. I’ve discovered a few ways to fast from Facebook. I’ll write about it soon but right now know I have had to separate myself from my phone a lot in order to accomplish this. Like upstairs in bedroom while I’m downstairs separate.

3| Taking pictures of the mundane can produce gratitude and contentment.

A new practice I’ve been trying is taking more photos with my camera and my phone (when I have it). Not staged photos, but photos of the everyday. I talk more about why I’m choosing this practice here. The result has been overwhelmingly positive. There’s something about seeing my son’s toes up close that reminds me of how fleeting his boyhood will be. I just want to bask in the mundane so I can fill up on gratitude and contentment.

4| I need to prepare salads ahead of time to actually eat them.

This isn’t some food fix. This is just me realizing that if I want to progress with losing my baby weight and I need to do a little bit of preparing. I like planning and seeing something through anyways, so putting my salads in containers so I can just pull them out of the fridge has been a life saver. Especially with that toddler running around me while I’m holding my newborn. 😉

5| Giving myself grace is hard. Giving my husband grace is hard.

Speaking of losing weight, giving myself grace about losing the weight is a daily decision. Yes, I want to look like my old self, but I do want to be healthy. I definitely got into some unhealthy habits while pregnant with Sister so getting over that has been hard. And since we’re talking about grace, realizing that this is the first time my husband has had a toddler and newborn too is a daily decision also. We had a groove going so well with just one kid that at times we felt like roommates, but having the two under two years old has been a new grace journey for sure. Enough said.


6| Sabbath rest is vital to keeping balance in my relationship with Christ.

I really need to just write a post on this. I absolutely LOVE Shelly Miller’s book Rhythms of Rest. It’s not about rules or should do’s. It’s about real relationship and what that looks like in forms of rest. And it most likely wont look like what you think it should.

Check out other writers over on Emily’s site as they talk more about this spring!

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  1. Ayanna
    Ayanna says:

    You have definitely learned a lot this spring. The social media fasting is something that I am working on and it feels so good to just disconnect. And the whole giving grace thing is definitely a daily struggle, but praying about it daily.

  2. Jen
    Jen says:

    I, too, have to physically distance myself from my phone to get away from the temptation of the Facebook black hole. I *love* the mundane pictures ideas and that it can spark gratitude. I’m a year postpartum and just did my first yoga class since having my second baby and I was happily surprised with how strong my body has become in the past year – maybe even stronger than pre-pregnancy. I credit all of the bending, lifting, and carrying of my chunky bundle of love. 🙂 Line by line, step by step, you’ll get to where you want to be health-wise. Enjoy the journey. <3

  3. Terri Conlin
    Terri Conlin says:


    Hello there! I popped over from Emily’s linkup.

    Congrats on being a new mama!

    I love your everyday photos. I am carrying my phone around for just that reason, too. Well, photos and counting steps. : )

    Also, Thankful Thursday sounds fun. I’m off to find you on Instagram.


  4. Talisa
    Talisa says:

    “Yes, yes, yes” to Facebook fasting. Actually, social media fasting in general is something I’ve realised I need to do more and more of. I recently deleted the app from my phone; it not only slows my phone down but (more importantly) makes me waste alot of time on my phone and I find myself getting so caught up when there are a bunch of other things I could be doing with that precious time.

    Here’s to a great summer for you and yours!


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