How to Organize Your Cloth Diapers


If you’ve decided to take the cloth diaper plunge, then you might be thinking to yourself, how should I organize my cloth diapers? Like with any diaper changing station, there are a few things you have to consider: how much space you have to work with, location of changing station, ease of use by others, ease of use for the main diaper changer!

Some people buy a diaper changing table or one that is attached to their crib for ease of use. We have a nice sized bedroom for Bubby, so space wasn’t really a big concern, but we had Husband’s dresser set that he grew up with and once we got that in Bub’s room, space was a little limited. We decided to use the top of the dresser as a changing station.

Since we doesn’t need to use both dressers in his room, I also decided to use his dresser drawers to stash diaper materials in. If you don’t have many drawers, you might want to consider a small shelf to tack on the side. I ended up buying one like this for my second baby and turned it upright.

I labeled the dresser drawers for ease of use, mainly for my husband, but also for babysitters. I just used mail labels and stuck them on cardstock paper. We also have various cloth diapers that I like to use from time to time, so each drawer is labeled accordingly.

You want to think about what you want to have with the easiest access and where to put those diapers. I wanted all main, everyday diapers towards the top.

You can organize your diapers within the drawers whichever way works best for you to just grab and go. For this particular drawer, I have my pocket diapers. I go ahead and stuff them and put them in the drawer, ready for use.

I also keep a small stash of covers that already have the prefolds inside them, ready to go for a sitter or hubby to just grab and put on baby.

If you don’t have enough room on top to change the baby, have a stash of diapers and have your diaper changing materials (i.e. wipes, water, ointment, etc.) then you’ll probably want to keep your materials on top. Mine is nothing fancy, as seen below. You can also see that I keep an open, dry bin for the dirty diapers next to the changing station.

Don’t try to over complicate the changing station. Keep things simple and straight forward!

How do you organize your station?  Any tips?



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