Holy Buckets. Bubby is Nine months old! Ahh!

Crawling? Check.

Teeth? Double Check. Four at one time, on the top. Thank you. Drool everywhere.

Grabbing everything? Check. And check. And check some more. Goodbye earrings I never wore.

Eating? YES. Breast, formula whatever is best before one, but this boy CAN EAT. I’m not sure why we’re still nursing to be honest. Oh yah, doc’s orders.

Must add a note that pooping has increased due to all the eating. Smelly? Holy crap, yes.

Sleeping? THANK GOD.

Talking? Science says that babies usually babble “dah dah” first. It’s easier on their mouth to shape. So, technically “dah dah” is NOT his first word. It IS a competition whose name gets said first. No one is winning. I’m just glad the boy wont shut up.

Curious much? Baby proofing 101–DO IT before they can crawl. Rookie mistake. Thank you mangled Ethernet chord we carelessly left dangling in our front room.

Size clothes does he wear? Man, I don’t know if this is some kind of indication, but we’ve been wearing size 12 months since 8 months. I might mention we wear big fluffly cloth diapers. OK, they take up all the room but seriously, I can’t keep up with the right size fast enough.

I still can’t believe he’s nine months old. Soon I’ll be writing about his nine year birthday.

They say the days are long but the years are short.

I’m finding this to be true. My days are filled with giggles and smiggles and cries and a smidge of sleep. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Well, maybe a Keurig. I’ve always wanted one…


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