Five Ways to Forget Facebook & Focus your Faith

If that’s not a mouthful of a title then I don’t know what! Looking for some ideas to stay off of Facebook and to focus more in your faith and be present with your family? Me too. Around the beginning of this year, I decided to take control of my social media consumption.

I like social media. I hate social media. I need social media. It’s sort of a love-hate relationship, right? Obviously, social media is needed to help keep this writing business afloat, but here’s the quick and dirty truth: I battle against FOMO more than I’d like to admit.

I have a thing, called “the-world-revolves-around-me-but-I-pretend-I-don’t-think-that.” Which means that I reach for my phone a lot to see what I missed, to see if anyone interacted with me on social media, and to feel that tiny, quick surge of adrenaline to see the red notifications on my screen.

To feel validated.

Between my son pulling my arm off for my attention and dry, despondent evenings with my husband, I have discovered five tips to help me tune out the noise of social media and tune into my familial surroundings.

Tip #1

If you can, leave your phone in the other room or keep it away from reaching distance, like at the bottom of your purse or ginormous diaper bag. I’m home with the kids, so I tend to leave mine upstairs on my night stand.

Tip #2

Use an app to track your activity so you can get a grasp of where you spend your time. Before I started practicing these tips, the hours shown for how much I was Facebook and Instagram was shocking to me. Like, I basically spent a day’s work on Facebook over the course of a week. It was way more than what’s pictured below.

Tip #3

Be intentional when on social media. Before I started practicing these tips, I would scroll through my feeds, aimlessly. I have started purposefully searching for people’s profile whom I like to interact with. It saves me from seeing Betty, whom I haven’t spoken to in years, but I continue to let her dictate my value. No thank you.

Tip #4

Turn off notifications for ALL THE GROUPS. I’m part of a gazillion groups, but really only love interacting with about four of them. Less notifications = less wasted time.


Tip #5

Double check yourself before sharing. I ask myself more times than not, “would I be enjoying this more or be even more present” if I wasn’t thinking about how to share this on social media? Like, we’re in the middle of happy birthday and I’m snapping a photo and posting it on IG before the chorus is over.


Here’s the thing: being on social media isn’t bad. After all, I’m using social media to offer you some focus. But the minute I start letting it crouch into my heart and the day-to-day, is the minute I start losing myself in a world that tugs away pieces of my heart.

So there you have it: five tips to help you drown out social media so you can focus on your faith and your family.

What would you add to our list?



Looking for ways to detox from social media? Maybe you have social media anxiety. Maybe you feel like you've lost focus of your faith because of the time you spend on social media. Well, here are five tips to help you focus your faith and forget about social media.
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  1. Rebekah
    Rebekah says:

    As a stay-at-home-momma, I find that I can definitely get sucked into too much social media time, you have great tips here for reducing the amount of time spent on FB and IG and being more present in my home. I have definitely found it helpful when I keep the phone in the other room and when I let the battery run out…hahaa! Then I have to wait for it to charge. 🙂

  2. Joey (BTaC Blog)
    Joey (BTaC Blog) says:

    The compulsion to check how many “likes” a post received is just the worst. Why do I care? And the answer is never more than 37. 🙂

    I love this list of ideas! I deleted the FB app a few days ago. Scrolling in a browser isn’t as enjoyable, so it’s been keeping my facebooking to a minimum.

  3. Dara
    Dara says:

    I want to start not looking at or using my phone for the first hour after waking up. I used to do this before and I liked it because I was practicing mindfulness, which is one of my 2018 intentions!

  4. Kalyn
    Kalyn says:

    Great tips! What app do you use to monitor your time on your phone? I used to have one but it drained the battery SO quickly. And I love having my Groups notifications turned off! At first I had FOMO about it too but I’ve adjusted now and am so happy I don’t get 300+ notifications a day.

  5. Stacey Pardoe
    Stacey Pardoe says:

    These are such helpful suggestions! Thank you for sharing! I’ve also found that taking at least one day a week off from social media is recharging and healthy for me. It reminds me to be present with my family throughout that day and sets a boundary that I sincerely need!

  6. Nadene
    Nadene says:

    These are great tips. I turn off notifications and unfollow a range of things to help me reduce facebook. I had a facebook month off once and it was very helpful to my wellbeing.


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