That one time I left the house with diapers in my back pocket

If I got on my phone right now and scrolled through Facebook or Instagram, I would surely see a handful of posts about motherhood. They would be posts that talk about it being “wine-oclock” already or wearing leggings everyday. Or maybe there would be a funny post about how chasing a toddler is like preparing for a marathon. Those are great and I am definitely on board for not taking myself too seriously in this momlife.

But you know what else I see a lot of AND THINK a lot of? I see a lot of posts about PPD or frustration in motherhood. I see a lot of overwhelming posts about the tough stuff. And I think a lot about how hard it is being a mom. I think about how hard it must be for work away from home moms. How hard it is as a mom at home. I think about how I screw up all the time and worry about how my kids will turn out if I let them eat too much macaroni or watch too much TV.

I get it. We all get it. And I know it’s so so so important for us to keep talking about those things. So please keep talking about them. I know I will.

But as of late God has been working in my little heart with big fears and worries. He’s been opening my eyes to the joy I experience from the day to day instead of constantly thinking about the hard stuff. It’s not about trying to make the hard stuff go away by ignoring it. It’s about seeing the good stuff more and more so the hard stuff gets smaller and smaller in my head.

As someone who had her share of PPD with her first born and is now navigating two under two, I need those worries and visions to get smaller and smaller.

And it all started when I walked out of the house with two different diapers stuck in my back pockets. Yep. One for Sis and one for Bubby. Didn’t have enough hands so I stuck them back there to put in the diaper bag and forgot about them.


And you know what I realized? I laugh more in a day than I ever used to.


I do some of the wildest things (no not sky diving wild) but wild like going pee, while breastfeeding a newborn AND reading to my toddler at the same time.

I am the master multitasker.

You moms out there, we are some of the funnest people around. My toddler laughs every time I make fart sounds. My husband might laugh at this too but that’s besides the point.

I’ve got the best audience on a daily basis that brings me the most laughs.

Of course there are rough days. I wrote a post once to the weary mom. But not this post. This post is to the crazy and fun things I’ve done as a mom that I plan to remember on the rough days. It’s as cliche as I’ll get out. I’m talking about choosing to see the positive in my day to day and these are just to name a few.

It can be hard to be joyful as a mom. Today I'm talking about choosing joy as a mom and enjoying the positive on a daily basis. Read for more. That time I left with two diapers in my back pocket.


I’ve changed 4 diapers within 30 minutes. That’s got to be like a pound of poop or something. Some kind of record, right? Right?!?! And let me tell yah, my audience was not happy about all the poopy diapers. One was miserable because she was poopy while the other was horrified at having to change the poop. It was hilarious–all the crying, all the poop. Seriously. Laughing was the best response. Feel me?

I’ve made homemade brownie batter just to eat by myself when the tiny people were napping at the same time. I like to call my batter creation “Heaven in a Bowl.” It’s so good. And eating while they’re napping is an incredible little treat. I can’t do it all the time but it happens every once in a while when I need a chocolate fix.

I have crawled in the crib with my son and let him watch Elmo so I could take a 20 min power nap. I am a genius. And oh the snuggles I get while we do this. It really is something I wish I could bottle up and save for the tough days.



It’s when I buy 12 pairs of cute PJs for my son so 1) I don’t have to wash them as often and 2) they double as his clothes for the day. And then I wear my PJ’s all day too. See how that works? Although you gotta watch the PJ one. It can backfire. Being in my PJ’s all day can bring about some depression.

I totally let my dogs eat the toddler’s spilled food off the floor. Bwahahaha! I think the positive from this is pretty obvious.

Hygiene care has become hysterical. Dry shampoo is my BFF. I can’t even remember the last time I shaved with a razor and water. If my husband only knew what has become of his electric shaver… If you add up the time I would normally spend shaving my legs with water and soap vs the quick way with an electric one, well I just know I got back many more days in my life.

I’ve eaten leftover macaroni from lunch. I ate it at night. After my son was in bed. From the pan. The pan that got left on the stove all day. It was so so good. Not gonna lie. Having a toddler gives me an excuse to eat macaroni.

Speaking of yummy food, I’ve eaten more puffs than I’d care to admit. Those sweet potato ones are YUM.

I’ve used my toddler’s diaper as a pad before. That’s all I’m gonna say.

I don’t think I need to explain the positive in this situation. It saved me is all.



I know all the words to Elmo’s Song. Which means I can sing it whenever I need to cheer up my son or get him to quit squirming while I’m changing his diaper. I’m thinking the positive in this is that he could be in love with a much more annoying song. 

Speaking of Elmo, one time it was like I was outside my body and saw my current situation. Elmo and a human foot were waving bye to me from the tv while I was breastfeeding and writing on my phone with one hand.


Like I said, master multitasker.

The thing is some of this stuff seems crazy to people but when you get with another mom and start talking about this fun weird stuff you do as a mom, it all makes sense.

It’s easy to go down the negative weary path and I absolutely believe there is a season to explore those hard moments as a mom (hello? have you read my motherhood posts before?) but for me, for right now, I’m looking at the positive. I’m choosing the positive. Especially when I totally forget about those diapers in my back pocket. You gotta laugh at that. 😉

Won’t you join me?



8 replies
  1. Julie Hood
    Julie Hood says:

    You are just the sweetest mama…I’m gonna have 2 under 2 this October and the diapers thing terrifies me (he’ll be kinda young to potty train beforehand, but then two sets of diapers?! Haha). But you make it all look so surviveable, but not just surviveable–enjoyable. I’ve never laughed so much as having a little kid with me all day, too 🙂

  2. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Definitely worth it to laugh and look on the positive side when mothering! I’ve done countless crazy things, and had endless stories!

  3. Emily Fisk
    Emily Fisk says:

    Oh, this made me laugh. 😀 Yes, I so relate. I text my good mom friends at least once a week, “Gotta laugh or else I’ll cry!” and really, some of this stuff we do as moms is hilarious. It’s even funnier in retrospect. 😉

  4. Ayanna
    Ayanna says:

    Looking at the positives in this crazy life we call motherhood is so important. I’ve learned to laugh at myself and be okay with all my mommy mistakes. And I don;t care what anyone says, mac and cheese right our of the pot is the BEST!

  5. Kate
    Kate says:

    Love this post. Can relate on so many levels- especially the dry shampoo situation. I’m in a similar boat as you are and we just have to stick together and it’ll all work out. You’re right that these crazy moments are all worth it!


  6. Trish
    Trish says:

    The many joys of motherhood, I miss my boys being little, but not so much the poopy diapers lol Motherhood is honestly the greatest thing ever!!!


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