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You pick up your phone to search for answers; it’s become common practice when you feel unsure, confused or fearful about your circumstances.

Maybe you scroll through Facebook for a while and find some encouragement from a popular Christian writer. After reading a few articles on Pinterest, you call it good and vow to pray more. After all, didn’t that Christian writer mention something about how love always wins and to see the good in people?

Things go well for a while and you seem happy.

But after some time, you start to get that feeling again in your gut. It’s like your stuck. You feel like you can’t see past your struggles. Every time you think you’re getting better, you find yourself right back where you started: searching Facebook, Google and Pinterest for answers–looking for resources the world has to offer so you’ll feel at peace.

Maybe you feel exhausted as a mother. Maybe you feel overwhelmed as a wife and mother.

You can’t quite put your finger on it.

I mean, you’re a Christian, you usually go to church. On the outside you have what most would consider a normal, healthy life.

But there’s that tugging on your heart that sometimes turns into a storm and you find yourself stuck. Unsure. Unsatisfied. Discontent.

You and your husband keep having the same arguments; it’s the same song, just a different tune. It’s not that your marriage is in deep trouble necessarily, right? I mean you’re both Christians, you both love each other and for the most part, you keep moving forward in the everyday that makes a marriage.

As a mother, you know to be patient and to pray. You know what God’s word says, but over and over you find yourself yelling when you wished you hadn’t. Flashes of fights with your kids play in your mind and your heart fills with regret.

In the end, you feel like your mind and heart are disconnected from God’s word.

Part of you hears the noise of this world telling you to chase slow, to be present over perfect, to find joy in little, to throw out all your possessions because less really is more, to love your husband in his love language and he’ll learn to love you in yours and so on and on and on and on…

But what if we stopped looking to the world with a “fix me” attitude? What if we took the hunger that’s oozing from our hearts and shifted it to our time with the Lord? What if we approached the Bible with more of a relationship attitude?

What if we reclaimed our faith from the noise of this world so we could focus more on Christ? 

Let me tell you that you’re not alone.

Let me tell you that there are so many women in a “good” marriage that find themselves caught in the midst of a deep battle within their hearts. There are tons of women who feel overwhelmed as mothers, feeling as if they’ll never be enough.

It’s a battle that keeps us from experiencing God’s grace in our marriages and as mothers. Not because God is withholding it, but because we are keeping ourselves from receiving it.

I know these feelings all too well. And I’ve learned a powerful simple truth:

The noise of this world will never be enough.
The noise of this world drowns out the truth of God’s word if I let it.
The noise of this world keeps us from seeing God’s grace actively working in our lives.

Reclaiming your faith from this world so you can focus on Christ will open your eyes to God’s word. You’ll begin to see constant opportunities to grow in grace and in understanding God’s word. 

You’ll begin to see moments when your past is controlling your present. You’ll see times when God shows up while you’re pushing your toddler in the cart at the grocery store. You’ll start to see deep reasons behind your fights with your husband about where to eat for dinner.

You’ll see that it’s not about “getting fixed.” It’s about realizing we are a work in progress that has been made whole by the grace of God.

And that is something this world will never be able to offer.

You’ll learn that we are not the heroes of our own story; God is.

When we mess up and fail more than we want to admit, we can come to the Father with our ragged hearts, knowing that He’s been holding it all along, waiting for us to surrender.

We can come together, here on this blog and share our hearts, knowing that someone else has been there too. Knowing that lows are OK in our marriage because the lows are opportunities to come out on top with God as the hero. Knowing that our mistakes as a mother doesn’t define us.

It’s the everyday moments that help make a marriage. It’s being still in God’s presence that mold us into a mother after God’s heart. 

It’s reclaiming our faith from this noisy world.

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Remember you are not alone in all the feelings that can come and go in your marriage and motherhood. Many of us come together here to be reminded of God’s truth and promises he has for us.

We come here to take back our faith and focus.

Won’t you join us?




I believe in the Nicene Creed and the Apostle’s Creed. I reference scripture throughout my blog posts from a variety of translations.

Everything I write on this blog is from my own personal experience and based on my journey in my relationship with Christ. I do not claim to be an expert in marital counseling. I do claim to write from my heart in what I believe God has called me to share with other wives.