Hey folks!

I’m Gloryanna and I like to share stories. I like to hear stories. Stories of triumph. Stories that make me pee my pants from laughing so hard (and from having a baby. Seriously?!?! Who can still hold their pee after that?).

I need stories that make me question my path in life. I think most of us connect with others when we hear where they’ve been. Where they’re going.


This blog is to encourage you in your journey of marriage,  motherhood, and faith.

I share honest and sometimes raw stories from my experiences in marriage, like when my husband starts feeling like a roommate. Read about that here.

I write about that time I realized I was teaching my son to be sexist. Read about that one here.

I share these so you’ll know that someone has been there too and hope my stories will cause you to question your path in life and look to the One who is waiting for you with open arms.

Lately, I’ve been sharing about my experiences with grief as I lost my mother in the summer of 2016.

I’m new in this season of life–being a stay at home mom  and continuing to be a loving wife and servant to others in the midst of it all.

No matter what season we’re going through, God will reach out to us and remind us how much we are loved. His love is constant, and that is something that doesn’t change with the seasons.


I taught middle school lit for six years to a bunch of eighth graders until I decided to take on a new line of work–being a stay at home mom.  I’ve been with my best friend who is now my husband and he insists that dirty laundry be left on the floor. He makes me feel at home by not taking myself too seriously and reminding me to laugh more in life. We have two children– a rambunctious boy and a new little and lovely daughter.


My writing is here and there on the web, including Parent.Co,  The Huffington Post, Mamalode, BlogHer and Her View From Home.  To see all my published work, click here.

If you are interested in contacting me, then you can email me at gloryannaboge@gmail.com to learn more about working with me.

I hope that the variety of blog posts here will encourage you, make you pee your pants, maybe inform you, and fingers crossed, help you in some way. Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. I would love to hear from you! I’ll be stalking the comments section to hear from you.