A Day in the Life of a 10 Month Old

I think someone once said curiosity killed the cat. Really, we should say curiosity made the baby cry. That’s what life is like right now with this guy. Curiosity out the wazoo while crying because when we were curious about that pretty green light on our Roomba vacuum and pushed it while mama wasn’t looking, we cried and freaked out. Now, we can’t even crawl by the darn thing. So, we take the long way around to get to the doggie in his kennel. Sometimes we take the long way down the hall and start to cry because we’ve gone farther than we wanted and where’s my mama?

Usually when we make the long trek around the Roomba we end up at the dog kennel watching fido eat his dog food. Yah, that food is small and round like the peas I love to eat. I wonder if this taste like peas, the babe thinks to himself. So, we’re eating dog food now. It’s kind of his thing if I don’t keep him away. Either this means my cooking is so bad he can’t tell the difference from dog food OR he is just curious. I’ll go with the curious bit, thank you.

Floor vents are pretty awesome. Did you know that you can run your fingers along them 50 times before one of your fingers actually gets stuck?asherbook10mon

We can’t quite figure books out yet. I mean, come on kid, you turn the pages from right to left. He is hellbent on turning the pages the wrong way and if I don’t let him, then we just throw the book upside down. And all I want is a kid who likes to read. Sheesh.

It’s amazing what happens over night in baby world. One day, we can’t even roll. The next, we’re crawling. One day he isn’t even aware of pulling himself up to grab something off the couch. The next, ALL he wants to do is pull himself up. The problem is that he wants to do it on ME. Every. Single. Time. Why pull up on random furniture when I can use mommy? But I can’t get enough of those drooly kisses and the sweet smile when we accomplish the feat of pulling ourselves up, so I am pretty much the #1 mom in helping baby move up in the world.

Sometimes when we crawl into a new and exciting room we’ve never been in before, we stop and raise our head as high as we can to look around, while the drool dangles from our chin. This typically stops me in my tracks. This curiosity is the best.

The new exploration. The taking it all in.

For us, the 10 month mark has been all about the crawl. The movin and groovin. And I am loving it.

Although, I wouldn’t mind if he decided to wait another 10 months to walk. I’m not ready for that game changer.


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