40 days of prayer for your marriage

40 Days of Prayer for your Marriage

Do you feel in your heart you should pray for your marriage more often? Are you looking for some accountability in prayer for your marriage? You are not alone, friend. Join us for the 40 Days, 40 Prayers Marriage Challenge.


I glance at my clock, a deep sigh escapes my lips. I shake my head, warding off my mental demons. Our argument replays in my head and I swear I’ll never do it again. I’m tired of arguing about the same things. I’m tired of feeling like things never really change in our marriage.

Why do we keep having the same fights, God?

Why do I feel blissfully happy one minute, then disdainfully depressed the next?

Why can’t stay satisfied with my marriage?

Why do I feel like my husband doesn’t love me?

My thoughts scream into our silent, dark bedroom as my husband quietly breathes next to me, asleep, oblivious to my flaring heart.

I’ll just tell him how I feel in the morning. Then he’ll see. We can talk about it tomorrow before the work day starts. I talk myself down from my marriage cliff of despair and try to catch a couple more hours of sleep before daytime hits.

Morning comes and Husband is running late. The kids wake up in a fury of toddler emotions and I miss my chance to talk with my husband.

Already my day starts in a rut and I’ll battle the rest of the morning being angry with my husband, with myself, and probably with my rambunctious son.

Do you ever find yourself thinking these thoughts about your marriage?

Do you feel like your prayers have grown distant from God and your heart feels far away from his truth?

The farther away you feel from God, the further your husband feels too.

When you feel far away from God, the last thing Satan wants you to do is pray about it.

And sometimes, prayer seems pointless. Another lie the Enemy likes to whisper to your heart.

As wives, we have the opportunity to take those distant, disconnected seasons and grasp onto God’s word and pray for his revelation in our marriage. In our lives.

40 prayers for your marriage to help you draw closer to Christ. Pray intentionally for your marriage in 40 days with this prayers for marriage challenge!

40 Days, 40 Prayers is a marriage prayer challenge to sever those chains and find freedom in God by taking a little time each day to talk with him. To pray over your marriage, your husband and yourself.

Maybe you’re ready to refresh and restart your marriage. Things have been on autopilot lately and your faith is starting to fade some as the demands of this world claw for your prayer time. You haven’t prayed as much you’d like to lately, let alone pray for your marriage.

Or if you’re like me, maybe you have some past baggage and resentment that keeps crawling into your thoughts, making you feel like your marriage is spinning in circles. You find yourself holding onto the same feelings you felt years ago and you want to jump start your faith by praying against those feelings you have in your marriage.

With this prayer challenge, you’ll uncover hurts and resentments and trade them for a healed heart.

Find revelation in God’s word as you remember your identity in him.

You’ll rise up from past baggage and release those heavy bags only to be washed by Christ’s cleansing Word.

With this prayer challenge, you’ll feel refocused in your faith.

You will feel refreshed in your marriage.

You’ll remember what it’s like to be free in the One who already made you free the day you gave your heart to him and proclaimed his truth over your life.

Take back your faith. Take back your marriage.

40 days. 40 prayers. Changed Hearts.

Prayers for your Marriage Challenge includes the following:

  • a short, direct email each day for 40 days straight
  • each email will include a short prayer that focuses on a specific topic within your marriage (i.e. sex, past baggage, communication, money, parenting etc.)
  • some emails will include reflection questions, bible verses, audio, or video.
  • Full access to all 40 prayers in PDF/ebook format once the 40 day challenge is complete.


Will you take the marriage prayer challenge?


Looking for prayers for your marriage? Want to pray for your husband? Do you want to draw closer to Christ? Take the 40 Day Prayer challenge and pray for your marriage with these marriage prayers.
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  1. candy
    candy says:

    We offer prayers together morning and night. This doesn’t include our personal prayers. Start and end the day as it meant to be.


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