How I realized we weren’t REALLY fighting about where to eat

Satisfaction and contentment twinge in my heart while I fasten her diaper. It’s a small feeling that I get almost every weekend. It’s a quiet feeling that you don’t really recognize but you know it’s there. I quickly dress Sister and holler for Husband to find Bubby’s shoes so we can get to the store before everyone’s nap time.

There’s something calming in the busy that...

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Marriage, Me and My List Problem...

Three ways NOT to date your spouse

I double checked myself in the mirror before walking back out. Murmurs of friends, families and couples drifted through the walls. I tucked loose strands of hair behind my ears, wiped away mascara smudges, took a deep breath and set myself to walk back out with a different mindset.

Husband and I were on a date.

I had been looking forward to the date all week. It had been quite some time...

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When I realized my husband wasn’t enough

I hear our heavy back door thud shut. Husband is home. Thank God. I’m upstairs chasing a naked Bubby, trying to convince him that a bath is a good idea. I’ve got Sister squirming on the floor, waiting for me to nurse her so she can go to bed. Bedtime is pretty traditional around here: running, screaming, squealing, laughing, crying, bribery. Big emotions play out as we round up our day and...

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Dirty toes and sticky fingers

These past couple of weeks have felt different. I have found myself waking up with an excitement that I haven't had in a while. An excitement that whispered "I get to wake up Bubby this morning. I get to read with him this morning. I get to snuggle with Sissy this morning. I get to feed her."

See it's the get to that's changed me. It's not a have to. It's a get to.

Taking photos these...

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Onesies like this drive me bonkers

When I saw this onesie almost two years ago I chuckled and rolled my eyes. Just another parenting joke that presents dads as inept helpers around the house. Clearly dads need this onesie to understand the obvious.

It's just a onesie. No big deal. Why get so worked up about something so silly?

Because it's stuff like this that perpetuates the idea that our fathers can't handle parenting like...

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Gratitude, Motherhood

That one time I left the house with diapers in my back pocket

If I got on my phone right now and scrolled through Facebook or Instagram, I would surely see a handful of posts about motherhood. They would be posts that talk about it being “wine-oclock” already or wearing leggings everyday. Or maybe there would be a funny post about how chasing a toddler is like preparing for a marathon. Those are great and I am definitely on board for not taking...

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Gratitude, Me and My List Problem...

What I’ve Learned from Spring 2017

This spring was full of a lot of new for me. A newborn. A new season of writing. A new understanding of myself.

Here are ten things I've learned this spring. The list is in no particular order. Let's just say it's an ongoing list... :) I got the idea from Emily P. Freeman as she and other writers are writing about what they've learned this spring.

I like being reflective and sometimes...

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Can taking pictures with my phone bring gratitude?

I seriously tend to cringe when I hear about "themed" days for bloggers. I think part of it is because I always struggled finding one I liked and could stick with. And honestly, I'm not even sure "Thankful Thursdays" is a thing but it's going to be my thing.

I got the idea from Ann Voskamp actually. In her book One Thousand Gifts, she talks about how taking everyday, mundane, nothing new...

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5 Ways Traveling with Kids Will Improve Your Marriage

I wish I could say that Mike and I traveled the world before we settled down to start a family. We did your typical yearly vacation to tourist attractions in the U.S., but nothing over-the-top.

No trips to Italy to boat the canals of Venice. No decadent pastries in Paris as we strolled the sidewalks at night. Although, there were some exotic moments on our first cruise to the Caribbean. We...

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Just for Fun, Me and My List Problem...

What I’m into right now: Silicone, MMD, 13 Reasons and Tim Ferriss #fiveonfriday

I feel like when I get together with other wives and moms our conversations usually entail things we're really into at the moment. You know, "Oh, I just found this great flourless recipe for chocolate banana bread" or I am so in love with The Betty Rocker and her awesome workout moves." Whatever it is, we like to talk and we like to talk about what we love and share it with others. Who knows?...

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