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Who is it that you say I am?

When I invite my friend over to hang out and talk, I generally get excited to have our favorite drink and snack ready so we can cozy up and talk. When I invite a friend over, it's not just to talk about the weather. I want us to be transparent with one another in hopes that we might leave our meeting feeling like God has enlightened us and encouraged us in some way. Quality over...
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Guest Posts

Trusting God To Provide

When she writes about topics like "why babysitting should be in your budget" and her husband's "unique view of a Proverbs 31 wife" I knew Ayanna was a writer I could connect with. Her candor about having financial peace in your home will motivate you to break chains in areas of your life using God as your guide. That sounds sort of trite but her encouragement is true and when you read her...
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Struggling Faith

When You Feel Like Your Job Has No Value In The Kingdom

How quickly I forget my true identity of who I am in Christ. This morning I woke up and had this overwhelming sense of unworthiness. I wondered if all this writing business I’m attempting really encourages anyone. And I know I’m not alone in this sort of personal value intake. Husband and I have talked about this before. He too has gone through phases where he feels like his job is...
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Marriage, Struggling Faith

Maybe Being Angry in your Marriage is a Good Thing

Sometimes I get so angry with my husband that I can’t even begin to explain what that anger feels like. I get incredibly frustrated. Like I just want to pull my hair out. Literally. Anything to take my mind off how angry I am. Sometimes I play these scenes over and over in my head. Husband comes home from work. I yell at him. He sort of yells and responds, we hug and forgive and then...
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Bubby, Gratitude, Motherhood

Saying Goodbye to Being a Parent of One

I never thought I would be sad to welcome our second child. I used to think I would have only one child. Scratch that. I used to think we’d never have any children. I used to think I’d be a teacher forever and that was good enough. And here I am a mom of a toddler boy with our second, a girl, due in a few weeks. And I can’t imagine life any other way.   Seriously, I...
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Best of, Marriage

A Love Letter to My Husband

Early in the morning, rolling in bed, fluffing the covers, your soapy husband scent tickles my nose and wakes me. I inhale the familiarity and think to myself, “home.” Comfort. My home is where my heart is and you hold my heart. You’ve held my heart since I was a teenage girl.   Sure we’ve had our movie romance moments with flower-filled gestures, candle-lit nights and poetic star...
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Struggling Faith, Writer Confessions

Just Because You’re Good at Something Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It

Sometimes I think the busier I am the happier I am. Until I start running on empty. I run on empty because I can't keep up with all the busy. But then I tell myself that the busy is good. I'm pretty good at convincing myself that all the busy is meaningful because I'm helping someone else out or being a blessing when someone needs it. Or it makes me just plain happy. Those seem to be pretty...
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Best of, Grief

That Time I Started Crying in Chik-Fil-A

What a busy day. First the bank. Then Wal-Mart, followed by the grocery store. Before I knew it, we were ready for lunch. We ended up at my favorite spot, Chik Fil A. My husband always wonders what's so great about Chik Fil A. Why do people love to go there? Why do I love to go there? I love their spicy chicken sandwich. Bustling and chatting greeted us at the door as we went to stand...
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Why I Quit Rolling my Eyes at My Husband’s Sports Obsession

The NFL theme song echoes up from our basement, signaling the start of the game. My husband has his traditional caffeinated beverage (usually Mt. Dew, but sometimes it’s this tea he makes that is his grandmother’s recipe) and he sits in his chair, eyes wide, anticipating the kick off. I am upstairs, rolling my eyes because I know what’s coming next. Passionate hollering at the TV,...
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Motherhood, Struggling Faith

To the Weary Mama

“Give me your heart, give me your song, sing it will all your might Come to the Fountain and you can be satisfied. There is a peace. There is a love you can get lost inside. Come to the Fountain and let me hear you testify.”                        ~NEEDTOBREATH “TESTIFY”   Motherhood is a gift that easily gets tainted. I know I am my own worst enemy most times. So much anxiety and...
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